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Device Repair

Encore Medical Device Repair offers device lifecycle management to healthcare facilities. Device lifecycle management is next generation instrument repair and services that is focused on maximizing the lifetime value of critical healthcare assets – to maximize your savings.

Experts in Service

Optimal instrument lifecycle management goes beyond simply getting the instrument fixed. Encore is founded on the vision that device lifecycle management needs to be based on transparency, quality, and service-orientation. The provider can optimize value,  protect its assets, trust the quality, and have complete visibility into costs, lifecycle management, and service needs.

Encore Asset Consultants help you set up the program, implement a service and repair plan tailored to your needs, and periodically review activities, value, and lifecycle of key assets.

Encore Medical Equipment Technologists are highly trained and specialized technicians.

Our Process

To provide maximum device lifecycle management, we focus on the most expensive, complex instruments and devices you have. This ensures high quality and lifecycle optimization that increases your savings.

Quality. Without compromise.

Utilization of expensive equipment and devices in healthcare facilities is critical to the quality of care as well as to the financial sustainability of their operations. Yet, a comprehensive, professional lifecycle approach has not historically characterized this key activity, and as a result, devices have been over-serviced, under-serviced, over-priced or discarded rather than carefully repaired. Lack of transparency about prices, lack of comprehensive asset management tools, and the use of local, inexperienced technicians have made it difficult for providers to optimize the value of often very expensive instruments.

Encore’s vision is to ensure the utilization of devices compromises neither patient safety nor facility operations. Our vision is that the lifetime and quality of key assets is maximized, so that the facility can contain costs, ensure quality, and provide the best care possible.

Asset Utilization and Patient Care

The way your assets – devices and instruments – are treated directly impacts your ability to provide the best care possible:

Core Services

Key services from Encore: