Additional Equipment

Professionally maintain and service your additional operating room assets that impact procedural efficiency and outcome – in order to optimize their lifetime value.

The operating room is full of moving assets that are all important in the efficient operations of the operating room. Tables, case carts, IV poles, etc. also need to be maintained and serviced, as their quality indirectly impacts procedural efficiency as well as procedural outcome.

Encore can help you manage the readiness of this key operating room infrastructure to reduce costs and operational disruptions.

Additionally, Encore is developing capabilities in servicing and repairing more advanced devices and instruments designed for restricted reuse, so that the lifetime value of key assets can be optimized.

Examples of Services

  • Case carts
  • Crash carts
  • IV poles
  • Operating tables
  • Sterilizers

All instrument repair and service is warrantied.

Encore makes loaner instruments available during the repair process, so that your operations are not interrupted.