Camera Equipment

Extend the operational lifetime of your surgical cameras, improve accuracy, and reduce service costs.

Video and camera equipment have become a key tool in the operating room. Servicing and repairing video and camera equipment is a complex task, and Encore camera technicians are certified and specialized in camera equipment – and can address service and repair needs for any brand your physicians prefer.

When camera and video equipment breaks down during a procedure, consequences are significant, both in terms of costs, operational efficiency, and patient safety.

This is why Encore employs rigorous process management to ensure quality, safety, and availability.

Types of Repair

  • Endocouplers/beamsplitters
  • Video processors and camera control units
  • Video pigtail cables
  • HD and 4K video camera repairs
  • Video cable replacement
  • CCD repairs and replacements
  • Ribbons
  • Harnesses and more

All instrument repair and service is warrantied.

Encore makes loaner instruments available during the repair process, so that your operations are not interrupted.