Camera Equipment

Extend the operational lifetime of your surgical cameras, improve accuracy, and reduce service costs.

Video and camera equipment have become a key tool in the operating room. Servicing and repairing video and camera equipment is a complex task, and Encore camera technicians are certified and specialized in camera equipment – and can address service and repair needs for any brand your physicians prefer.

When camera and video equipment breaks down during a procedure, consequences are significant, both in terms of costs, operational efficiency, and patient safety.

This is why Encore employs rigorous process management to ensure quality, safety, and availability.

Encore can repair damage to cameras caused by these common issues:

  • Missing Soaking Caps
  • Leaving Soaking Caps off
  • Broken Coupler Latches
  • Damage to Optical Coating on Lenses
  • Cuts on Cords
  • Drops

We repair most manufacturer brands, including Karl Storz, Olympus, Richard Wolf, and Smith & Nephew.

Types of Repair

  • Endocouplers/beamsplitters
  • Video processors and camera control units
  • Video pigtail cables
  • HD and 4K video camera repairs
  • Video cable replacement
  • CCD repairs and replacements
  • Ribbons
  • Harnesses and more

Complete Repair and Preventative Maintenance

We specialize in power equipment and accessories by all major manufacturers, including Zimmer® Hall® 3M® Stryker® MicroAire® Midas Rex® Synthes®, and many more. Whether you use battery, electrical, or pneumatic equipment, we work quickly to fully restore the functionality of your tools and accessories.

Phaco Handpieces

When it comes to Phaco handpieces, we are committed to providing unparalleled service. Upon receipt, our technicians initiate our 11-point diagnostic process that begins with complete instrument disassembly. All old components are replaced with new ones, and the shell housing and remaining transducer components are ultrasonically cleaned. From all new connectors, cables, piezoelectric ceramics, electrodes, wires, insulation and seals – to its final autoclave test after full reassembly – you can be assured that any Phaco handpiece repaired or refurbished by Encore will meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

All instrument repair and service is warrantied.

Encore makes loaner instruments available during the repair process, so that your operations are not interrupted.